Engels ( and his golden brain and his golden hands, EPO-art, Last Luxury) forbids me, on pain of a fine of FL 10,000 – so it turns out he belongs to the judiciary – to write about his work. A pity, because I had wanted to write about him for the first time, that I actually think he is a nice guy. And that, without bringing the work back into it, can hardly be asserted. So there is nothing left but to let him speak, or his publicity agent, copy writer, or all that in a. ”English Products.
Epo-art. You can call it mink art. Vip art. Or. Something like that. Anyway-art with a taste of luxury. The last luxury you cab get. For people who has already got the allknown statesymbols as….. and for people who hasn’t. With Engels Products you start to love. To live. Watch yourself – one day Engels Appears in your image. “Gallery 20d, Keizersgracht.

HAN REDEKER, 1966.(?)